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Our talent pipeline service is a long term approach to resourcing talent for your business.

Working closely with clients to develop a true partnership we gain a deep understanding of their business and future plans, usually under the auspices of a non-disclosure agreement.

This will include current strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for improvement or building strength in depth. Looking forward we can also consider succession planning and the strategic direction of the business. For example, if a business seeks to move into a new market or new products importing specialist knowledge at the appropriate time will speed that process.

We can then draw up and agree on a plan for short medium and long term requirements based on the skills and knowledge requirements of the business.

At the extreme this can include full talent mapping, identifying key individuals across all major employers in an industry sector. More commonly it focuses on delivering highly specific, targeted relevant candidates timed to suit the business need rather than playing catch up after the need has arisen.

Of course, this requires a great deal of commitment and trust from both parties but the benefits far outweigh what can be achieved in ad hoc individual searches. Call us to see how we can support your business growth.