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Mercury Search takes great pride in finding the perfect job for the perfect candidate.

We are leading print & packaging recruitment specialists in the UK and we have been running since 2000. Being one of the leading UK recruitment companies, in recent years we have expanded our coverage internationally.

Whilst our main coverage remains in the UK, with 70% of all jobs located here, we now have 25% of jobs advertised on our website situated in the European Union. We have gone even further afield than Europe however.  The remaining 5% of the jobs we advertise are located in the USA (2%), the Middle East (2%) and the remaining 1% in the rest of the world.

On top of gaining international coverage, here at Mercury Search, we pride ourselves on the quality of our services.  As a recruitment company, getting jobs advertised is only the first part of our process. A lot of work then goes on behind the scenes. The highest number of applications that we have received was 200.

As a recruitment agency, we obviously cannot send 200 applications to the client. This is where most of our hard work comes in by expertly screening and selecting suitable candidates to forward to our client. On average we receive 25 applications per job and over 800 per month.

This number is still far too high for sending to companies. Our aim is to bring that number down as low as possible. Our typical shortlist provided to the client is 3 applications making the final decision making for clients easier.

As for the job types in which we specialise in the printing and packaging industries, 48% of the jobs we offer are sales-based, 27% are commercial or board-level jobs, and 25% are production or technical jobs. To finish off this blog post we have created an infographic summarising what has been said.



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