January Blues

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January Blues

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Job Vacancies & Recruitment in January

The first Monday of the New Year is various known as massive Monday or Mega Monday as the volume of jobseekers soars after the Christmas/New Year break.

In print and packaging we have seen a tripling of applications over the holiday period, mostly since the New Year and are expecting a further deluge this week.

Some of this is simply a seasonal variety of post holiday blues. No specific gripe but a general tendency to come down with a bump after the being away from work for so long. The Christmas break can be a long one and after all the hype of Christmas Day and New Years Eve the return to reality can seem quite depressing.

However many people do find that over the holiday period they have had time to contemplate their life and career. They have weighed the pros and cons of their job, their employer and even their workmates and found it’s not what they want or perhaps what they had hoped or expected it would be. Inevitably the job hunt begins. The downside for jobseekers and their employers is that almost everyone has this holiday at the same time unlike summer holidays where the workforce staggers their holidays over the summer period. That means an awful lot of people looking for a move simultaneously; tough competition for those seeking work and a major headache for employers with multiple departures.

Clearly a change of job or career is right for some people but it is a major step, which should not be taken lightly. It is well worth both employees and employers taking a moment at the start of the year to understand and accept that this is a great opportunity to start a fresh and really make the most of the New Year.

As an employee if you have issues, concerns or gripes if you wish to call them that speak to your employer. Don’t rant and don’t be selfish. If you approach your employer with a Me! Me! Me! attitude you are unlikely to find much sympathy. However if you have a genuine belief that if certain hindrances were removed, different ways on working tried or more scope or opportunity allowed you could and would achieve more benefitting both you and your employer they’d be foolish not to listen.

As an employer you’d be wise to be wary of this time of year; that people may be unsettled and more sensitive to niggles. Certainly be approachable perhaps even take the initiative. Look for input from staff. Create a bit of a buzz and look for things that will improve motivation and performance. Keep an open mind and you may be surprised that employees who are lacklustre if not disgruntled come up with suggestions and ideas that improve performance and actually turn them into cheerleaders. Trying to ignore that many employees feel unhappy with their lot at this time of year is just burying your head in the sand, unlikely to be positive and could lead to poor performance of staff leaving.

Of course there are factors that can’t be changed. Some employees will be adamant that there are fundamental reasons they need to change jobs or career. Some employers will be glad to see the back of some employees who have been selfish and unrealistic. In the middle there may also be some; where both are realistic and realise the person needs to move on having been a good contributor to the business. Hopefully these employees and employers can part amicably and in a controlled manner which is not to the detriment of either party.

With so many people looking for a move jobseekers really need to think carefully. Potential employers can afford to be discerning and will want to see good reasons for moving; being wary of taking on a malcontent. The shear level of competition also means that job seekers need to make a good case for employing them. A blanket cover-all CV/application could well prove a waste of time and failed job applications will do nothing for already poor morale. They need to consider what employers need and find attractive and make sure they highlight relevant skills and achievements. Simple clear applications that make it obvious why this person is good will have a better chance of standing out in the piles and piles of CVs employers will see.

It’s a new year, there’s an opportunity for employers and employees to step forward positively. Where they can’t see a way forward in their current role job seekers absolutely must make a quality case for employing them.

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