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Why use Search and Selection

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The simple answer is that when trying to recruit at a senior level, where specific market or product knowledge is required or in an area of particular skill shortages head hunting is the only realistic way of attracting suitable candidates.

Advertising is a very passive form of communication and relies on trying to grab a candidate’s attention, very often with high salaries, which are not an effective long-term strategy. If the candidate is not actively looking for a move or has some reservations about the organisation they are unlikely to respond to an advert.

Another critical area is that of confidentiality. When recruiting at a senior level or for a specific skill set, perhaps to move into a new market, confidentiality is vital to avoid tipping off your competitors.

Headhunting is also probably the only way a company can overcome any negative perceptions in the market place. It is not uncommon to find that some employers are seen as having an overly aggressive “hire and fire” mentality or as having some other internal difficulty. These perceptions can often be far from the truth or at least well out of date and having a consultant address these issues with prospective candidates will overcome them in a way adverts never will.

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