Gluing Operator | Packaging | Cambridgeshire | Up to £35k

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If you are a Gluing Operator looking for a best in the industry salary this is the role for you. This international packaging company prides itself on its highly skilled workers and generous pay branding and benefits package. With an emphasis on a structured approach to training as well as…

Packaging Industry risks sabotaging future with redundancies

When times are tough redundancies may be necessary but the packaging industry faces very specific challenges, which mean perhaps redundancy should be a last resort. The first quarter of 2011 saw recruitment reach levels not seen since 2007 and the 2nd quarter is following a similar pattern.  However there are…

Print and Packaging Recruitment: Improving the Heard

It may be a farming term but it is a concept the packaging industry would do well to embrace. In farming terms it means selling off weaker or poor quality stock and buying better quality to improve the breeding stock.